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Great flash but...

The loading issue. It needs to be fixed. I got this to load on only one browser and that was Explorer (I tried Firefox, Opera and Chrome). Still, even after it loaded it still cut the sounds off all the time rendering it unwatchable. I finally resorted to YouTube and found this uploaded there (even that had some syncing issues with sounds at the end).

Well, after I finally saw it I can say it was a great compilation with most of my favorite flash artists. Not the best of the bunch but still. I might've given it a 9 if it was not for the loading issues.

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Don't pick your nose with that!!

Who knows what kind of diseases he carries. This one was great, although you really improved on the actual part. Great job and looking forward to see the next episodes and how you improve as an animator/artist over time.

Nice work here.

Sweet nipples on a stick... I actually want to see more of this :O At first the animation seemed quite bland etc. but the episode really picked up and the animation turned out to be pretty swell. Good job on this.

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Are you going to be updating this thing anymore? Your previous stuff is pretty golden but this one could definitely do with a scene browser or at least an ending browser for everything you've unlocked, just to keep track of what you have and haven't done. Any sound effects/music wouldn't be too bad either but that's secondary, at least to me. Otherwise well made and thought out game.

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Cries of pain and laser cannons set to a remix of Mad Racer = awesomeness.

The cutest thing!

I can't believe they actually got married... Never underestimate the power of love. This is so cute and adorable, just like the last part. I'm eagerly waiting for Sushi Cat 2 :)

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This kind of makes me think about pirates. Not sure why.

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